It's out there. Your perfect rental home, it is out there. Finding it, though, that can prove a challenge. At Haslams, we have more landlords registered with us than anyone else in Reading. More homes (of every size and style, in every part of town) and therefore more options. More importantly, we're great at listening too, so we'll take the time to understand what you really want and need - and find it for you.

Why use Haslams

More homes, more choice.

More homes, more choice.

Size isn't everything, but it can be a virtue. We use the fact that we have more homes available for rent to your advantage, matching you with a greater choice of potential homes. Choices mean options, and options are good.

Better market knowledge.

Better market knowledge.

There is no substitute for market knowledge and the insights we can offer in terms of which homes are available now, what will be available soon, our deep understanding of landlords and locations - all will equip you to make the best possible decisions.

Listening. Thinking. Listening.

Listening. Thinking. Listening.

Spend a little time talking with us and you'll quickly see what makes Haslams different. We take the time to understand you - what you want and what you need. Because when we do that, we're better placed to match you with the right home.

Short term, long term.

Short term, long term.

Every customer is important, regardless of their needs. We've been Reading's leading estate agent for long enough to know that even a short term lettings customer can become a long term relationship for us. That's the nature of property. We'll look after you.

Full support.

Full support.

We don't just match customers looking to rent with homes - more often than not, we manage the tenancy process for the landlord too. So, chances are we'll have a long term connection with you and we'll support you throughout, with information, advice and support where it's needed.

Principled. Professional.
Propertymark Protected

From renting to buying...

From renting to buying...

It's the modern circle of property life. In fact, we've got lots of success stories of renters becoming buyers becoming landlords - all with Haslams' support of course. When and if your time to buy comes around, we'll be waiting to support you too.

Value for your money

No hidden fees, no nasty surprises. It's important to us that you know exactly what's going on and where your money is being spent at every step. So, we'll give you all the information we have, when we have it, and make it easy for you to understand. It's only fair.

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What to do in an emergency

Emergency maintenance issues

During our closed period

In the event of an emergency outside of office hours (complete loss of heating or hot water, severe water leak, or anything which presents a real danger to life or property) please call 07500 909004 for assistance.

If your Landlord manages your property, or if there is an emergency procedure already in place such as British Gas Homecare, or Homeserve emergency Response, please contact them directly in the first instance.

In the event that an emergency call out is made that does not in fact qualify as one of the reasons stated earlier, then any costs associated with this may be recovered from your deposit held.

Please note that outside of office hours many suppliers close down and therefore getting spare parts for items such as boilers etc. can be difficult or simply not possible – whilst our contractors will do their best in these circumstances a fix may not be achieved immediately.

Standard maintenance issues

Please report all standard, non-emergency maintenance issues to the Client Management team via phone 0118 960 1057 or email During our closed period, please leave a detailed voicemail and this will be retrieved and responded to on the days in which the office is open.

Loss of power, gas or water

If you experience a loss of power, gas or water at your property, please contact your utility supplier who may be able to assist you. Should you smell gas at the property and suspect a gas leak, please contact Transco on 0800 111 999 to report the leak. Please could you also leave a detailed voicemail on the Client Management number (or email us) to advise what action/advice has been given by Transco.

Crime / break-ins

In the unlikely event your property is broken into, you will need to register the crime with the police and obtain a crime reference number. Please then leave a detailed voicemail on the Client Management number (or email us) providing details of the incident and the crime number that has been given. Should there be a need for the property to be made secure and you are a Fully Managed Tenant, TSG can be contacted on 0800 030 4309. If your Landlord manages your property, please contact them directly.


The ARLA/CMP (Client Money Protection Scheme)

Haslams protects all its client funds in the Propertymark scheme: the scheme ensures that should a Propertymark Protected agent go bust or misuse your rent, deposit or other funds, Propertymark will reimburse you.

Click here to download the ARLA Client Money Protection Guide.