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Date posted: March 21, 2023

Author: Haslams

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8 steps to renting a property

Do you want to rent a studio, apartment or your very own house? At Haslams we’ve made it simple. In just 8 easy steps you could be moving into your new rental property. Let us guide you through the journey, so you know what to expect.


1) Pay your Holding Deposit and sign the Tenants Guide

Congratulations! If our team have helped you to find a property to rent and you’re ready to move home, you will need to secure your chosen property by paying the Holding Deposit. This ensures that the property will be let to you. You will be given a copy of the Tenants Guide which lays out the steps and expectations for renting with Haslams and which you should read, sign and return.

2) Complete your reference form

We have a responsibility to make sure our tenants are able to pay their rent and are willing to take care of their rented property. We’ll email you a link to our referencing company with the form to complete. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have, to help you complete the form accurately.

3) Make an appointment to complete your identity and Right to Rent checks

Every letting agent has a legal requirement to ensure that you are eligible to live in the UK. To do this we will need to take copies of your passport and (if applicable) your visa before you start your tenancy.

4) Discuss any utility needs and tenants insurance

Did you know it’s a requirement of your tenancy to obtain adequate tenant liability insurance? This will protect you from any accidents that could damage your rental property. We can assist you with obtaining the right type of insurance at a competitive rate through our third party providers. We can also offer help with any utility and media packages you may wish to have.

5) Sign your tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement will be emailed to you via Docusign before your move in date to give you enough time to thoroughly read through the agreement and understand its terms, before signing electronically. If you have any queries on the content of the tenancy agreement please do ask or seek your own legal advice.

6) Pay your first months rent, and your deposit in advance

Before your move in date you will need to have paid any outstanding money to Haslams’ client account in cleared funds. Late payment may result in us being unable to release keys to you on the anticipated move in day.

7) Set up your standing order for future rent payments

Good news! You can set up a standing order from your bank account so that you never miss a rent payment your bank will do it automatically. How do you do this? Either visit your bank or log into your online banking where you will be able to create the a standing order for your rent.

8) Book your check-in time

At your pre-arranged time, the clerk will greet you at the property to handover the keys – the most exciting day! They will test the smoke alarms and show you the utility meters. The clerk will take an inventory which will be sent to you by your client manager after you move in. You will have 7 days to let us know if you have any comments. If your landlord manages the property themselves, Haslams will inform you of the check-in process arranged by the landlord in advance.

If you’re ready to start your rental journey, take a look at our range of properties to rent.