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Date posted: October 2, 2019

Author: Sophie Shearn

A day in the life | James and Poppy Thumbnail

A day in the life | James and Poppy

My morning routine:

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… I wake up to the sound of my alarm. It’s 6am and it’s fair to say that, as much as I try, I’m not a morning person. Peeking outside my curtains I can see it’s one of those crisp autumn days, there’s still dew on the cars and a cloud of fog encompassing the wildflower meadow opposite.

Grabbing my gym kit I make a dash for the bathroom, aware James’ alarm doesn’t go off for another half hour and not wanting to wake him. I then head down the stairs to the kitchen and am greeted by our over-excited dog, Tilly. Following a slight struggle to actually attach a lead to her, I head out the door and into the fresh air. Before I have a chance to take in my surroundings Tilly tugs me in the direction of our daily jogging route – around Waterman’s Lake and Hazebrouck Meadow. Along the way I bump into the usual suspects: Alice on her morning coffee run and Jack on his bike cycling into work, both as smiley as ever!

Walking back into the house I hear the familiar noise of early morning TV coupled with the smell of burnt toast, James must be awake and attempting to throw together breakfast!

Having eaten and showered, we usually manage to leave the house around 7:30am ready to catch the 8am train into London from Wokingham.


My daytime routine:

I work at a large corporation based in London. Having been here since leaving University, I have proudly worked my way through the ranks, most recently being promoted to middle manager. My average day consists of answering calls, drafting documents and meeting with customers.

When 5pm eventually comes along I hop on the next train home, always looking forward to the thought of putting my feet up and relaxing. Tonight, however, we have our neighbours coming over. With little in the fridge, I decide to stop off at the farmshop to grab something for supper; I immediately spot one of their tasty pre-cooked lasagnes… perfect!


My evening routine:

I’m back home… having quickly done my usual chores, I hear a knock at the door – that must be our friends, what good timing! I hastily throw the lasagne in the oven and join James and the others in the garden. It is lovely sat out here with the last of the sun’s rays beaming down on us and the sound of the birds in the surrounding trees. We laugh until the early hours before one of us realises the time… I can hear my bed calling!


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