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Date posted: February 6, 2020

Author: Karis McMahon

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Tips for selling your home

Starting from before your property is listed, to getting the most from your viewings, there are many opportunities to maximise the appeal of your home. Our valuation expert, Paul Hayhow, shares his top tips for achieving the best possible price from your prospective buyers.

Preparing your home

The photographs that are taken for your property listing should help people to not only see the value of your home, but also to visualise their new life. Making sure your home is free from clutter, evidence of pets in and outside of the house is removed, and your home is generally clean and tidy will do wonders for how your property is perceived.

“No need to bake bread – as the old adage goes –
but if your property is warm and smelling pleasant
this will be a plus for any prospective purchaser!”
Paul Hayhow
Head of New Business

First impressions

When people attend a viewing, small things can make a big difference. First of all, make sure the house number or name is easily spotted and not covered by bins or bushes. Having a For Sale sign outside will help people find you, plus it can help to generate enquiries.

The front entrance to your home should be just as tidy as the inside – make sure the path is free from weeds or children’s toys – and ensure there is somewhere convenient for visitors to park. Avoid cooking or smoking before any appointments and if you have shoes in the hallway, or litter trays for your pets, hide these away.

Work with the experts

Our team has over 150 years of combined selling experience and market knowledge. As the vendor you know your property best, and we have a wealth of insight into what buyers like, and what will help your viewings go well. Any feedback we share is designed to support you in achieving the best possible price for your home, and we are always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding valuations, viewings or the selling process.