We help many of the UK’s largest house builders, investors, SME developers and jobbing builders maximise their development’s full potential. Our areas of expertise include build-to-sell, build-to-rent, single-family housing, PRS, and institutional PRS lettings. Our clients include private individuals, national house builders, and global pension funds.

Our team can add value at any stage of the development process: from pre-land acquisition appraisals, through to post-planning specification and sales strategy.

We helped our client through the design, planning, build, and sales phases of this development in Sonning.

We own one of the most powerful databases anywhere in the UK, containing information on £ billions of local residential property transactions. This, alongside our development team’s exceptional expertise and knowledge, means that we can help value-engineer a site specifically for the local market, maximising income whilst minimising costs. 

Whatever your development requirements contact Mike Shearn on 0118 960 1087 or