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Date posted: January 31, 2020

Author: Sophie Shearn

A day in the life | Amelia and Ben Thumbnail

A day in the life | Amelia and Ben

It wasn’t until my annual catch up with old friends, that I realised how much had changed this past year. Sat around the table it’s hard to remember the times when we were naughty teenagers, sneaking into the local pub to gossip about menial drama. Now we’re discussing everything from Katie’s swanky city job to Beth’s pregnancy and Jack’s wedding.

The conversation turns to me: what’ve I been up to? I don’t quite know where to start, but what I do know is that I have an overwhelming sense of pride for what I’ve achieved this past year.

Driven by our obsession with Location, Location, Location, Ben and I were adamant we were going to make the move to a smaller, quieter village. Granted, we loved our old home and had many happy memories there, but it was time for a change. Living in the city is great when you’re in your 20s; but we wanted to settle down, be somewhere near good schools, surrounded by green space and secluded from noise.

We had been searching for a couple of months, when I happened to stumble across Barkham Place, a small development on the outskirts of Arborfield Green. Hunched over my laptop, I instantly felt a connection… I couldn’t tell you whether it was the beautiful views over the untouched meadows, its location (only 3.5 miles from Wokingham, perfect for my commute), or the luxurious interiors; but all I knew was that I had to get myself down there.

Having decided on our home, but unsure of our next steps, we had organised a meeting with our Sales Advisor: Alex. A little nervous going into it, I had half expected we were going to be hit with the news that we would have to wait, tied down by the constraints of our old home.

As it turns out, the process is a lot simpler than we expected!

We had two options: Part Exchange or SmoothMove. Part Exchange is the process of using your current home as payment towards your future home. SmoothMove, on the other hand, is where the developers will allow you to reserve your new home for an agreed time until you sell.

For us, Part Exchange proved the best option, so to put it simply all we had to do next was have our home valued by three local estate agents, wait for an offer from Crest Nicholson, instruct a solicitor and then arrange a mortgage.

A few months down the line and Ben and I were able to move into our pretty 3 bed detached house. Looking back it’s not hard to work out why Barkham Place has acquired a reputation as the ‘finest address in Arborfield Green’, what’s better is the fact that it’s now our home too.

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